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For more examples of student work and information on FGCU’s Digital Media Design Concentration & Minor. Please visit:


Solo Exhibition: The Diaries of Professor Angell: Deceased. Videogame.

Colorado State University, Electronic Media Art gallery.

February 10th – March 10th 2017.

More Info:

My book on videogame design is now out in Chinese (Mandarin). A Spanish edition is due out later in 2017.

 ‘The Principles & Practices of Videogame Design: From the Ground Up’.

Available from  Bloomsbury, Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc. As e-book and paperback.

Video Game Design is a visual introduction to integrating core design essentials, such as critical analysis, mechanics and aesthetics, prototyping, level design, into game design.

Using a raft of examples from a diverse range of leading international creatives and award-winning studios, this is a must-have guide for budding game designers. Industry perspectives from game industry professionals provide fascinating insights into this creative field, and each chapter concludes with a workshop project to help you put what you’ve learnt into practice to plan and develop your own games.”

Book Front Cover

‘The Fundamentals of Interactive Media Design’.

Available from  Bloomsbury, Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc. As e-book and paperback.

The Fundamentals of Interactive Design takes you step by step through each stage of the creative process – from inspiration to practical application of designing interfaces and interactive experiences. With a visually engaging and exciting layout this book is an invaluable overview of the state of the art and the ongoing evolution of digital design, from where it is now to where it’s going in the future.”


The game was created using the Unity game engine and is focused on narrative storytelling. It is part of a new series of games that explore the adaptation of works or literature into the medium of videogames.