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This page curates some of my older shows, works and writings.

“NeonRain” is a work created in May 2008. Taking its title from William Gibson, the work is a reflection on urban spaces and dynamic signage. Specifically focused on the use of neon and it’s effect on the environment. The neon is often as ignored as the rain, it becomes a part of the background, something to be avoided or even sheltered from. But once it is re-examined it takes on a reflective, beautiful unique aspect. Tokyo and Osaka in the rain are quite unlike anywhere else on earth.


This film was shot during a Typhoon that hit Tokyo and then Osaka, Japan in 2007. There is a unique visual connection in the rain and the neon/LCD visuals which adds a poetic symbolism to the work. The rain in the urban structure, mixing with the neon creates a truly engaging environment, one that when mediated takes on a ‘streaming’ metaphor. The visuals all blend into a form of visual rain that overlaps, distorts, and engages.


This work was shown as part of the Urban Screens video art and film festival. The image shows my work on view in Melbourne’s Federation Square.

Urban Screen Archive

Tergloba, Oakland University, Art Gallery. 2007

Travelschism video work in Tergloba exhibition, Oakland University March 10th, 2007.

Curated by Wagner Whitehead.

This Happened, Edinburgh, 2009.

Presenting at ‘This Happened” lecture series at Edinburgh College of Architecture, October 2009.


My talk was  on my work Hybrid Journeys which focuses on mediated tourism and memory. Hybrid Journeys is an ongoing series of video contemplations on the points of overlap in tourism, colonialism, transport and real versus conceptual space. The series covers a wide range of cities in Europe, South East Asia and the USA.

NeMe: In Transition Cyprus 2006

“This exhibition is focused on ‘displacement’, whether caused by political, economic, environmental or social reasons. The exhibition will present the work of 66 artists from 31 countries including Cyprus, some of which has been created specifically for “In Transition”. Through connecting different sites and different people, the exhibition will be searching for a contemporary perception of the realities and dilemmas which confront displaced people.”


My photography was included in the show, ‘displacement’.



Freelance Writer, KTX World and Design 4 Discreet Users Magazines. 1999

I contributed articles, reviews and interviews for the industry-magazines KTX world and Design4 Discreet Users during 1999.

Both magazines were industry focused and written by 3D Studio Max professionals and for that market. Design 4 Discreet users was named after the then owners of  3D Studio Max – Discreet software.